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“an acquired behaviour pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary” 



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Yep, ‘almost involuntary’ – that’s why habits can feel hard to change. But also why creating positive, healthy habits is so powerful!

Are you struggling to change a habit that’s not serving you well?

Would you like to learn more about developing habits that are good for you, that help you succeed with less effort?

You’ve come to the right place!

IMG_0322Hi, I’m Nicola

I’m a busy working mum transforming lives, one simple habit at a time.

I’ve experienced MASSIVE life improvements through SMALL habit shifts and now, I’m bringing my expertise to you here at HabitSculptor.

Learn how to achieve goals, experience mind-blowing self-confidence and change the entire trajectory of your life.

Whatever your goals – I can set you up for success.

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More happy, healthy people doing stuff they love creates a better world for everyone.

I’m deeply passionate about coaching people to change their habits for good. We all deserve to be the best we can – and sometimes our habits don’t support success in our lives. Self-defeating habits, or a lack of healthy habits can take time and energy away from the things we truly love.

I care so much about each person I coach because I’ve been there myself and felt the pain too. And I’ve also experienced the joy, the surge in self confidence you get from creating positive healthy habits.

I love coaching people one-on-one, but I also care about the impact that this has in aggregate… imagine… with more happy, healthy people doing the things they truly love, the world will be a much better place for everyone. And that is worth working really hard for!

The Mission here at HabitSculptor:

To empower people to get free from unwanted habits and create healthy ones so they can focus more time and energy on what they truly love.

In pursuit of this mission, I’m committed to:

  • Treasure my clients and listen intently
  • Love the process and improve continously
  • Celebrate successes every step of the way

Habit Change Coaching

  • Are you tired of struggling to create a healthy habit?
  • Are you wrestling with a self-defeating habit?
  • Do you sometimes think you lack the self discipline or motivation to achieve your goals?
  • Do you want new-found self-esteem and self confidence?
  • Would you rather put your energy into something you love rather than self defeating behaviours?

I’ve been there too and I can show you the way out. I know you can succeed too! You might need a hand – and that’s what I’m here for. To coach you on your own unique path to success – through habit change.

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